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Soil Erosion Model

Kansas Biological Survey

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Kansas University

Opportunities to join the lab

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Post-doctoral Researcher

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Kyungjin Min
Ph.D. student
Yanjun Chen
Undergraduate researcher
Mitch Sellers
Undergraduate researcher
Julia Yang
Undergraduate researcher
Lab Alumni
Laboratory Helpers


Christoph Lehmeier, 2011-2013, now at the University of Sheffield, UK

Jianwei Li, 2009-2012, now at the University of Oklahoma

Ph.D. students

Alexis Reed, Ph.D. 2012

Lisa Tiemann, Ph.D. 2011, now a post-doc at the University of New Hampshire

Master's students

Elizabeth Gaydess, Master's 2006

Undergraduate researchers

Francisco Murphy, REU student in 2013 from Iowa State

Ryan Felton, undergraduate technician

Nicole Niehues, undergraduate technician now a Master's student at CU Boulder

Nameer Baker, undergraduate technician now a Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Alison King, undergraduate technician now a Master's student at Iowa State

Caroline Hill, undergraduate researcher now a medical student at KU Med

Michelle Mubarak, undergraduate technician

Laurel Haavik, Undergraduate Research and Fellowship awardee

Courtney Brewer, student in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, Summer 2004

Ryan Rastok, undergraduate technician

Alex Bittel, undergraduate assistant

Trisha Schrum, undergraduate assistant

Rebecca Russell, undergraduate assistant

Drew Dodson, undergraduate assistant

Yen Le, undergraduate assistant

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