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Temperature Sensitivity of Substrate Decomposition from Enzymes to Microbial Communities 2010 current Northeast Kansas KUERG
Landscape Legacies in Rivers: Retrospective Analyses of Changes in Ecosystem Function across Two Centuries 2010 current Kansas and Missouri KUERG
The Biogeochemistry of Soil Nitrogen Cycling with Changing Precipitation Regimes 2009 current Central Plains KUERG
Linking Whole Ecosystem Stoichiometry to Individual-level Nutrient Dynamics 2009 current International KUERG
Vegetation and Moisture Heterogeneity as Influences on Mass and Energy Fluxes and Lower Boundary Layer Turbulence 2009 current Statewide KUERG
Soil Organic Matter Processing with Warming in the Moist Boreal Forests of Eastern Canada 2009 current Eastern Canada KUERG
Information Theory Metrics and Land-Atmosphere Interactions 2009 current Statewide KUERG
Soil Erosion as an Influence on Atmospheric CO2 2009 current Statewide KUERG
Regional Impacts of Global Climate Change 2009 current Central US KUERG
Tree Susceptibility to Insect-Driven Disturbance 2009 current Ozark Mountains KUERG
Stable Isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen as Indicators of Tree Response to Climate 2009 current North America KUERG
Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Microbial Activity with Elevated CO2 and Altered N Availability in a Pine Forest 2009 current North America KUERG
Biofuel Crop Choices and Regional Carbon Cycling 2009 current North America KUERG
Purchase of a Cyber-Enabled Regional 400 MHz Solid-State NMR Spectrometer 2009 current University of Kansas KUERG
Dissertation Research: Beyond the Black Box: Understanding the Relationship between Microbial Community Structure and Function under Environmental Stress and Disturbance 2009 current Eastern Kansas KUERG
Soil Carbon Dynamics with Climate Change in Boreal Forests of Newfoundland and Labrador 2008 current University of Kansas, Canada KUERG
Eco-forecasting in the Great Plains 2006 current Great Plains KUERG
Assessing Predisposition to Red Oak Borer-Induced Oak Mortality Using Dendrochronological Techniques 2006 current Northeast Kansas KUERG