Development of Automated Extraction of Reservoir Pre-Impoundment Surfaces from Acoustic Echosounder Data

Date January 2010 - present
Contact Mark Jakubauskas
Federal Interagency Sedimentation Program
Location Kansas


This research is concentrated on developing a numerical method to automatically extract reservoir pre-impoundment surfaces by using multi-frequency acoustic data. This process could be applied to acoustic echosounder data of a reservoir to provide a dense network of georeferenced sediment thickness measurements. This research development would be a replicable, objective means for quantifying sediment thickness in inland reservoirs at thousands of georeferenced points across a given reservoir. In turn, the outcome will permit accurate quantifications of sediment thicknesses, sedimentation patterns, and sedimentation rates of inland reservoirs at a lower cost compared to other approaches.


Mark Jakubauskas

Jude Kastens